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TIANMA Attending SID's 2018 Display Week Exhibition at Los Angeles Convention Center May 22-24

From May 22nd through 24th Tianma will be demonstrating a variety of their new technologies and products designed for use in Industrial, Automotive, Smart Home display applications in booth #1005. We will also demonstrate many New Technology displays. Display sizes range from 1.2" to 30" in a wide range of resolutions.

Industrial Display Solutions Tianma will be demonstrating various Industrial Display Solutions for Outdoor Applications, Medical applications, HMI applications and high reliability (shock and vibration) applications. Key displays/technologies that will be exhibited include:

Outdoor Viewable Displays:

  • Reflective Displays: including two low power consumption displays, a high PPI display, one with specialized backlight
  • High Bright Displays: six displays including three modules with brightness 1500 nits or higher

Touch LCDs:

  • Optically bonded: a 10.1” 1280 x 800 and 11.6” FHD
  • Wet and glove: a 21.5” FHD touch display and a 7” 950 nit touch display
  • 3D gesture: a 21.5” 3D gesture display

High Reliability LCDs: a 7G vibration resistant display

Medical LCDs:

  • High NTSC Displays
  • 27" 4K2K displays
  • 30" 6MC high bright display

Automotive Display Solutions Tianma will be demonstrating a variety of displays designed for automotive applications. Including: Cluster CID, HUD, freeform displays, in-cell TED displays and low power consumption displays. Key displays/technologies that will be exhibited are:

  • 3.1" LTPS HUD display
  • 12.3" Cluster CID display
  • Two 12.3" freeform displays: one flexible and curved 500mm and a second with ultra-narrow border
  • Two 12.3” low power consumption displays: one a-Si local dimming, high contrast display and an LTPS local dimming, high transmittance display
  • Two in-cell touch TED displays: an 8” and a 13.3”designed specifically for the automotive market

Smart Home Displays Tianma will demonstrate a number of displays designed for Smart Home applications. including LTPS, TED and circular displays.  Key technologies and displays to be exhibited for the Smart Home are:

  • 2.8” LTPS quick response time VR display
  • 6.2” LTPS notched display with integrated fingerprint module
  • 6.2” LTPS irregularly shaped display with cutout for integrated front camera
  • 6.46” LTPS HDR with dynamic contrast ratio 1000 nits and 96% NTSC
  • 5.99 FHD TED Plus Displays
  • 2.5" circular display

New Technology Displays Tianma will demonstrate a variety of AMOLED displays, and many specialized new technology displays. Key technologies and displays on exhibition will be:

  • AMOLED Foldable display options
  • AMOLED Flexible display options
  • AMOLED Flexible with 3D lens and touch
  • AMOLED Flexible with TED plus
  • IGZO round narrow border
  • Active louver
  • Tactile PCAP
  • Cd-less Q-dot
  • 3D floating display (JxDP)
  • 21.3” 5M color, high contrast
  • 5.46” BT2020
  • High NTSC displays
  • FHD Thin LCD (3.3mm)

We look forward to seeing you in LA at 2018 Display Week.