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Tianma NLT USA Announces 5.5-inch TFT-HD AMOLED with On-Cell Touch Technology

CHINO, CA, May 19, 2016 – Tianma NLT USA has announced a 5.5-inch TFT-HD (720 x 1280) with On-Cell Touch AMOLED display developed by Tianma Micro-electronics. It is used in mobile phones and other portable electronic devices to achieve high contrast, wide viewing angles and integrated touch sensor into the cell.

The new module enhances display image quality and touch screen performance using AMOLED and On-Cell Touch Technologies. On-Cell Touch is a recently developed technology in which the touch sensors are integrated into the color filter (CF) layer inside the cell.

Because the touch sensors are inside the cell, the overall mechanical thickness of the display panel is reduced.  AMOLED technology is used to achieve higher contrast and wider viewing angles while reducing the overall display thickness because AMOLED technology does not require a separate backlight unit as an LCD does. The structure also reduces cost and enhances the optical property of the display.

This is the first AMOLED product from Tianma, currently scheduled for mass production in 2016. Additional AMOLED modules will be coming soon. Design specifications are available upon request.

The module will be on display at SID Display Week, May 24-26, San Francisco, CA in booth 905.